Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kate Moss Needs YOU!!!

There are many ways you can spend your precious time, but why not spend a few minutes supporting Kate Moss being included in her hometown of Croydon Walk of Fame? This is important, people. Dear Kate was snubbed last week when she wasn't included in the 10 shortlisted names put together by civic leaders. How very dare! The town is planning a new center pathway that features a "portrait bench" with three life-sized effigies of local characters chosen by residents who represent their culture and history. Actor Dave Prowse best known as Darth Vader in three Star Wars movies has made the shortlist, but not Kate. Uh, hello! Are we going to witness Darth Vader beat our Kate? Take matters into your own hands and vote at Survey Monkey to get our gal included on the walk! Do it for the town of Croydon.

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