Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jeremy Scott Designs For Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday Tour

Nicki Minaj Jeremy Scott

Is it just us or has Jeremy Scott been KILLIN' it lately? Earlier this week the designer revealed a 24K gold ensemble he created for Rihanna, and today we discovered that he outfitted THE Nicki Minaj for her summer-long Pink Friday tour. She kicked it off yesterday with a performance in Sydney, Australia, and we couldn't get enough of her hot pink and yellow ensemble! Jeremy Scott tweeted that he created these graffiti-inspired looks for Ms. Minaj and her backup dancers, and we must discuss them IMMEDIATELY.
Nicki's bomber jacket has her name scrawled down the front with splashes of hot pink (duh!) and blue throughout. She ALSO has the Bentley logo (BALLERRRR) screenprinted on the front left panel with "Reloaded" spray-painted down the sides of the sleeves. She finished the look with hot pink studded shunderwear (shorts + underwear = shunderwear), yellow tights, and her signature blonde Barbie 'do. The back-up dancers are EQUALLY as show-stopping in their JS looks—their graffiti bra tops have "Bad" sprayed across the front and "A**" on the back. KILLER! Also, we're kiinnddd loving the '90s homage with suspender overall straps, high-waisted neon biker shorts, and super sleek ponytails. I mean, we can never get enough of Nicki's day-to-day fash-happenings (see: her "Right By My Side" video that was released last night!), so we're super pumped to peep more performance outfits, AND all the cuh-razy Asian street style adventures that are about to ensue. I mean,popcorn dress, anyone?MTV Style

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