Friday, November 4, 2011

Play Chanel Memory Games on Chanel’s New Site

Wednesday's number one fashion-themed time-wasting game was coming up with #fashionicecream names (which Andre Leon Talley recently weighed in on, btw). Today, we’ve discovered yet another game to kill our productivity thanks to a really cool new website called Culture Chanel, a microsite Chanel launched in conjunction with an exhibition they’re doing in Beijing. The site is a well-designed pandora’s box of Chanel-ness, but what really drew us in is the Kid’s Space, which we guess is technically for children, but we like it too.
The first game is “Colorings,” which is basically a virtual Chanel coloring book. It’s amazing because you don’t have to worry about messy crayons or coloring inside the lines. Plus, if you don’t like it, you can easily erase and start over. Also, you are coloring iconic Chanel things! There’s a classic Chanel jacket, a bow with interlocking C’s, a flower pin, a quilted clutch, and a classic pump, all of which are a blank canvas for you to beautify with the click of a mouse. There are 36 colors to choose from and you can even print your coloring when you’re done! There’s even relaxing piano music playing while you create. Aspiring future Chanel creative directors: this is where you should start.

And that’s not all. There’s also a memory game! Like those memory games where you can flip over two cards at a time until you discover all of the pairs, except with Chanel icons like bottles of Chanel No.5, Chanel buttons and four-leaf clovers. Rachel Zoe is probably going to force Skyler to play these every day when he’s old enough.
And for the adults, if you can’t afford a Chanel jacket, at least you can color one and print it out? Click here to play these Chanel games to your heart’s content.

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