Monday, November 21, 2011

Check Out All the Muppets Movie Merch–From $595 Miss Piggy Shoes to Weird Fuzzy Hoods

Miss Piggy Jerome C. Rouseeau shoe
LOOOVE the Muppets!!! Their new movie, the eponymously titled The Muppets, opens November 23 and a media onslaught is in full gear. It’s all about the merch tie-ins, and this one lends itself particularly well to the concept. Miss Piggy et al have already inspired beauty lines (MAC and OPI) and a hipster clothing collection (Opening Ceremony). Everything from designer shoes to quirky t-shirts to iPod accessories are coming down the pike; most are available now for mass consumption.
The offerings range from $595 Miu Miu-esque pink Jerome C. Rousseau glitter pumps which will be available at Saks in January, to a range of $20 t-shirts at Threadless. (The spread of hipsters wearing Muppet tees on Threadless is particularly amusing.) You can also get girly jewelry with huge pink stones from Noir (prices range from $100-$175). Of all the Muppet-marketed fashion items, the Kermit Adidas Originals have to be our favorite. That green felt collar/tongue just kills us.

Even if you adore the Muppets, will you wear any Muppet gear? 
Muppets Adidas Animal shoes Muppets the Balm Face PaletteThreadless Tee 4Threadless Tee 3Threadless Tee 2Muppets Noah skate deckMuppets Adidas Fozzie shoesMuppets KohlsMuppets Noir Jewelry2Muppets Noir Jewelry 1Muppets SpirithoodsMuppets Threadless Tee1 Muppets Adidas Kermit shoes 

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