Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rumor: Kanye To Design Stilettos With Giuseppe Zanotti?

The news about Kanye West, fashion designer, keeps coming at an alarming rate. The way this is going, we’re going to be walking down Fifth Avenue one day and see a Kanye West flagship store pop up out of nowhere.
Giuseppe Zanotti told Footwear News that Kanye has been making monthly visits to the shoe designer’s factor, spending 10-12 hour there per visit. “[Kanye] loves learning about shoes, both the design and construction, and we’ve tried to design something together. In a couple of months, he could have his own special collection out,” Zanotti said.
Perhaps realizing that he’d said too much, Zanotti stopped there. A special collaboration between the two? Can we call it Kanyotti?
New York Fashion Week is going to be full of surprises. 

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