Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Look: MAC Archie’s Girls Makeup Collections

MAC’s next big makeup collaboration has the 12-year-old girl in me very excited.
It’s ARCHIE COMICS, you guys. Betty! Veronica! All recreated a lá MAC.
I always thought I was a Betty at heart — the quiet girl-next-door with a sweet disposition — but the Veronica line of makeup? Full of vampy reds and moody purples? Dang, I might be swayed toward the dark (haired) side.
Take a sneak peek at the Betty and Veronica “Archie’s Girls” collections:
Sugar-sweet peach and bubblegum pink personifies the cheerful, innocent Betty.
The Veronica line — deep red, purple, navy, etc. — is as bold and daring as the dark-haired heartbreaker herself.
The entire “Archie’s Girls” MAC Collection is available online January 30, and in stores February 7…just in time for Valentine’s Day.
So which are you? A Betty or a Veronica?

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