Thursday, May 10, 2012

Watch: Anna Wintour's Quick-Witted Turn on The Colbert Report

Anna Wintour kept the audience on The Colbert Report rolling in the aisles last night when she sat down to talk about theCostume Institute's new exhibit. When Wintour started lauding Miuccia Prada's work, host Stephen Colbert joked that he doesn't "really trust Prada. My understanding is, the devil wears Prada. And this is a Christian nation, Anna," he said.

She also brought the funny. Read on for highlights and click through to watch the whole interview. It is pretty awesome. (And no, Colbert didn’t ask her if she banned Kim Kardashian from attending the Met Ball.)

Taking Colbert to task for his boring fashion:
Colbert: Alright tough guy, I’ve got a bone to pick with you, you ready?
Wintour: Of course.
Colbert: With one hesitation you could destroy someone’s career.
Wintour: Don’t you think you could take a few more risks with the way you’re dressing?
Colbert: What are you talking about? My suit’s not buttoned and I went with a four hand knot, I mean that’s crazy, I should have at least have a half windsor.
On gay marriage (which she has been outspoken in her support of)
Colbert: You’re in the fashion world, are there gay people in the fashion world? Are you as angry as I am about this gay marriage thing?
Wintour: I am thrilled. There were tears in the office of Vogue today in the support of gay marriage…I think it’s a long overdue endorsement and we’re glad that he’s come forward finally.
She was so smiley!
After explaining who Schiaparelli was…
Wintour: I think she had a rather sad life…she planted seeds on her face so beauty would grow.
Colbert: Wow. That is heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time. Don’t suck me into your gay world! Don’t you make me have feelings for fashion young lady!
On the importance and relevance of fashion
Colbert: Clothes are commerce, that’s all they are.
Wintour: I think clothes also reflect the culture and the time. If you look at a great fashion picture say of the sixties it tells you just as much about what was going on in the world as a headline in the New York Times. Fashion is self expression. Fashion is really about, if you’re talking about a great designer like Miuccia Prada, she’s going far deeper than just simply things that you put on your back, she’s examining what’s happening in the world through art, through film, through music, and really that’s what this exhibition is trying to talk about
[and here comes the best zinger]
Colbert: Well I don’t really trust Prada. My understanding is, the devil wears Prada. And this is a Christian nation, Anna.
Wintour: That movie was so last year.
On letting go, over a pile of beer battered shrimp
Colbert: Is there ever a time when you can not care about fashion? Do you ever just say to yourself ‘To hell with this,’ put on your zebra striped sweatpants and go to Long John Silvers and lose yourself in a pile of batter fried shrimp?
Wintour: Well I haven’t done it recently but maybe now that you suggest it I should try?
Colbert: Perhaps you and I should go bobbing for french fries.
Wintour: Why not, it’s a date.

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