Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Cleaning: 5 Closet Purging Tips

Trust me, I know this can be difficult, but it’s something we all need to come to terms with. The time for spring cleaning is upon us, along with the big, semi-annual closet purge. As a first class hoarder collector myself, I can tell you first-hand it can be troublesome to part with clothing you once loved, but the time is now. Here are five closet clean-out tips to get your started. Guaranteed when you’re through, you’ll feel lighter and more pleased with your wardrobe than before the purge.

1. If you haven’t worn it in a year, give it up, minus a few exceptions. If it was mom’s, grandma’s or has another kind of cool vintage value, keeping it around could pay-off in the long run. But if it just doesn’t fit correctly, it’s time to part ways.
2. For every new piece of clothing/handbag/pair of shoes you purchase, give something away. It will save room, and your wardrobe will feel constantly refreshed.
3. Pay attention to a garment’s lifespan. When items begin to pill, fade or rip beyond repair, it’s time to let go. Sift through your closet and donate “expired” clothing – it will make you feel good both inside and out.
4. Have a clothing swap party with friends. Bring the items that no longer suit your taste –  guaranteed one of your friends has had his or her eye on it for some time. And chances are, you’ll get something you’ve been coveting as well.
5. Keep clothing that fits your style and the rest of your wardrobe, and toss the pieces that only work with one look. It’s good to have a FEW crazy pieces, but it’s more important to invest in those that work with many looks if your space is limited.

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