Thursday, May 3, 2012

Object of Desire: Cartier Tank Watch

Designed in 1917 after the look of its namesake- the boxy World war I tank and its interlocking caterpillar tracks- even the Tank's knockoffs have been knocked off at this point, but thats none can compete with the original's craftsmanship (and OK, yes, price tag!) Used models of these in good condition sell on ebay for as little as $500.00, many under $2500.00, a bargain for a luxury watch with this history and enduring style. (As much as I love Cartier, Patek, and Rolex, I don't advocate paying retail for a watch.)
We wear what we wear much of the time because we believe it tells others something about us, and because it informs or confirms a vision we have of ourselves. The Tank tells others that subtle is better than bling; that tradition is preferred to fad; that style and value are priorities.

Not a bad set of things to let your watch, or any other material possession, say about you.

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