Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Essie Summer 2012 Collection Review

Essie Summer 2012 Collection

Another bright and cheerful nail polish collection that has just launched! It’s the Essie Summer 2012 Collection ($8 USD / $10 CAD each), and it’s available now!  The collection features six different summer-inspired shades that vary in texture.  Essie is one of my top brands, and I feel like they consistently launch small, yet stunning collections.
Most of these nail lacquers were fine after two coats, but Bikini So Teeny required three (it was unexpectedly sheer… and not in a good way).  The formula is a bit thinner than many others that I have tried, but it’s much easier to spread.  These lacquers last about 4 days on me without chipping (with a top coat), and the brush is super skinny, so its great for petite-nailed girls like me.
Essie Summer 2012 Collection
Essie Summer 2012 Collection
This collection includes:
  • Cascade Cool: A sweet, creamy pink shade. Looks like cotton candy, but isn’t very unique. Pretty none-the-less, so if you are looking for a baby pink then this one would be a good choice!
  • Off The Shoulder: Classic, hot pink. Reminds me of a strawberry smoothie! Again, not the most unique- but certainly a summer must have. One of my top favourites from the collection!
  • Fear or Desire: Bright orange; my favorite out of the whole collection! I’m totally all about orange polishes this season, and while I typically migrate towards the spicier red oranges, this one is amazing! Its super bright, but totally appropriate at the same time.
  • Bikini So Teeny: Sparkling cornflower blue; this shade totally caught my eye immediately and I fell in love with the tiny flecks of glitter in the soft blue shade… until I put it on. It’s incredibly sheer (and doesn’t look nice worn sheer either). I really had to build it up with 3-4 thin coats to achieve a good opacity.  The glitter wasn’t even that noticeable afterwards, so unfortunately I wasn’t too happy with it.
  • Mojito Madness: Lime green; I don’t think I’ve ever worn green nail polish before in my life… but I’m totally starting now! This color is stunning and so cute for summer. It’s a very grassy green, and looks super stylish.
  • All Tied Up: Rustic bronze with subtle gold shimmer; I was a bit confused by this color because it didn’t really seem ‘summery’ at all… and even more so after I put it on. It’s okay, but more appropriate for autumn in my mind.  It’s more of a rust color, and the shimmer is so fine on the actual nail it’s almost undetectable.  Definitely the most unique shade in the collection, but not really a favorite of mine.
Essie Nail Lacquers in (left to right) Cascade Cool, Off The Shoulder & Fear or Desire
Essie Nail Lacquers in (left to right) Cascade Cool, Off The Shoulder & Fear or Desire

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