Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stephane Rolland's110 pound couture dress!

Yesterday, Yasmine Le Bon walked the runway in a 110 pound Stephane Rolland dress for couture week in Paris. Here's how we imagine the conversation pre-catwalk went:

Stephane: Yasmine, I need to are the workouts going these days?
Yasmine: Didn't you see me in the latest Duran Duran video? I am hot these days and yes, it's hard work but I'm ready for the catwalk.
Stephane: Yes,dahhhling, looking good. However, I'm going to need you to start lifting and I mean really "lifting".
Yasmine: Are you looking for muscles this season?
Stephane: No, I need someone to carry 50 kil down the catwalk this season.
Yasmine: Ummm....what?
Stephane: Show you when you get to Paris and don't worry, you'll have two smoking male models to help you down the catwalk....

Cut to runway... Yasmine Le Bon walking down the runway in a 110 pound stunning red dress and moving very slowly...check it out below (skip to clip 12:45)

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