Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cathy Horyn’s Year-End Fashion Roundup: Here’s What She Loved (McQueen) and Wants to Forget (Kim Kardashian and the Roaring 20s)

This is the time for year-end lists and reflection, and when it comes to fashion, we always look forward to what Cathy Horyn has to say. The Times published a slideshow today of what Horyn has deemed the top fashion moments of 2011 and believe it or not, she didn’t like everything.
Her top 10 list, in which she gives her take on what she felt were the biggest fashion moments and events of the year, includes the Alexander McQueen Met exhibit, Sarah Burton’s royal wedding designs, John Galliano’s fall from grace, as well as some less obvious choices such as a dress Giovanna Battaglia wore to Cannes, Olivier Theyskens’ success at Theory and, weirdly, Pop Phones: landline-style handsets that you attach to your cell phone with a cord. Apparently they’re a thing and editors were using them in the front rows? She also nails into the redundancy of 1920s-inspired clothes on the spring runways, justifiably praising Prada and Balenciaga for going against the grain:
Yawn — oh, excuse me! Were we talking about the 1920s fashion on the spring runways, all that Jazz Age fringe and glitter? If you want something purely silly for your next Match date, you’ll get yourself a pair of Prada’s hot rod stilettos. Despite the number of designers working today, most scamper toward the same themes: sports, the Roaring ’20s. So the machismo of Prada was appealing. Just as delightfully odd were the patchwork dresses at Balenciaga shown with wide-brimmed hats that resembled Darth Vader’s helmet. Some complained that the floaty dresses looked heavy. And a tinseled flapper dress doesn’t?
On that note, she also provided a list of “A few fashion moments to clear from your mind.” Here they are as-is, in Horyn’s signature caustic voice. We have to agree with most of them, but does the fact that every fashion editor started wearing those Miu Miu booties really make them any less cute?

1. Lady Gaga applies more eyeliner, mutates into an elf and takes over Barneys. Is she really Martha Stewart in disguise? Could a line of pet supplies be next for Mother Monster?
2. Sports mesh leaps from the locker room to the runways. Ew.
3. Kim Kardashian will do anything for attention, including getting married.
4. Miu Miu’s glitter Mary Jane pumps. They were cute until every fashion editor started wearing them.
5. Huge monographs. Designers and photographers outdid themselves with lavishly produced books. Who wants them?
6. The Louboutin-Yves Saint Laurent shoe feud. This takes the boring cake.
7. Collaborations between artists and fashion houses that include, conveniently, a pop-up store for nail polish. Fashion should look for a new accessory.
She funny. Check out the full slideshow here.

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