Friday, December 2, 2011

The Yoyo Champion at Louis Vuitton Philippines

In the somewhat mind-blowing video above, a 24-year-old part-time Louis Vuitton sales associate is performing impressive yo-yo tricks in the middle of the store at which he works in the Phillipines–and not because they were having a slow day. Louis Vuitton CEO (until the end of next year) Yves Carcelle was there for some sort of cocktail party in his honor. It was revealed that the sales associate, Ernest Kahn, happens to be the Philippines’ two-time national yo-yo champion, so Kahan put on a suit and performed.
We’re guessing it’s not every day that you see yo-yo mastery at a Vuitton store, or that a Vuitton sales associate gets to meet the CEO of the company. Clearly, it was Kahn’s lucky day–Carcelle even asked for a picture with him and, we are told, promised to have a custom yo-yo in LV’s Damier Graphite print made just for him. SO cool.

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