Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rumor: Kanye West Is Moving to London to Pursue his Fashion Design Career

Haven’t heard much about Kanye’s fashion label, DW, since his poorly-received first collection debuted this fall. But it appears that the rapper with design ambitions is going to actually try to get the label off the ground. The Sun reports that Kanye threw a party for his label in London the week before Christmas and let drop a few nuggets of information.

A “source” told the UK tabloid that while chatting with guests at a party he said that “he is now based in [London] and would return in early January.” Kanye has received mentoring from Central Saint Martins staff, so presumably will continue that relationship. He also is allegedly looking for a studio in London in which to prep his collection to show in Paris this spring. So yes, that’s something for us all to look forward to.
He was also apparently giving out his email address to models and “cheekily asking them to send him photos.” (No word on whether that was for business or pleasure.)
It’s obvious that Yeezy was trying to make a serious go of his label, and London has been his design base, so it makes sense for him to set up more permanent digs there. Looking forward to seeing his sophomore collection.

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