Wednesday, December 7, 2011

LeWeb 2011 Karl Lagerfeld's New Collection Launching Exclusively Online

More details have emerged about Karl Lagerfeld’s affordable priced line ‘Karl,’ thanks to, of all the unlikely places, Europe’s biggest tech conference, Le Web.
Lagerfeld was on-hand at the conference as a keynote interviewee, and in between drawing a picture on his iPad (of himself, naturally) and eliciting gasps from the tech-savvy audience for saying he didn’t use email (according to the WSJ blog), the high-profile designer divulged more information about his ‘Karl’ line and showed a preview of the collection.
As promised, the Karl line has a rock’n'roll/street vibe with a healthy dose of leather. The new collection, to launch exclusively at Net-a-Porter January 25, 2012 and with prices starting at £150 for a jacket, will no doubt attract thousands of shoppers clamoring for a piece of Lagerfeld-designed clothing they wouldn’t previously have been able to afford, reports Econsultancy.
And if Lagerfeld’s goal is to makeover the masses in his image then he’s succeeding: The collection, which features staples from Lagerfeld’s own wardrobe (read: tuxedo jackets, fingerless gloves and stiff leather collars), seems to turn both of the models in the preview video into mini, sexy versions of the designer. You can also get a glimpse of the brand’s logo, featuring Lagerfeld’s unmistakable profile, embedded in the ‘K.’ He’s nothing if not confident in his own image…
“We will make fashion and technology history,” Lagerfeld said of his Karl line, which will be the first designer brand to be sold exclusively online, reports CatwalkQueen. The marketing campaign will involve social media, mobile, a dedicated app, and “augmented reality”–whatever that means.
Other amazing details to emerge from the tech conference: Lagerfeld apparently carries four iPhones, 20 to 30 (!) iPads and several iPods on him at all times, according to Econsultancy. But for all his gadgets, the 78-year-old still made grandfather-esque tech blunders, accidentally projecting his personal photos on a large screen in front of the audience while trying to find a Chanel video he shot. Aw.
For more information, you can sign-up at Net-a-Porter to receive Karl updates

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