Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is ANTM a Total Sham?

It’s fairly widespread knowledge at this point in time that reality television isn’t exactly what we’d consider “reality.” Stars of these cheap-to-produce shows generally keep mum on the subject until their contracts expire and their fame dwindles, at which point they release a tell-all about how staged their “realities” actually were. The latest example of this phenomenon comes to us via Janice Dickinson, the self-proclaimed “World’s First Supermodel” and former judge on America’s Next Top Model.
Dickinson hasn’t been a judge on the long-running series since Cycle 4 (there have been 17 cycles total), but impressively, she’s still finding ways to naysay the process. Most recently, she told FilmOnthat the entire show is rigged by CoverGirl (which features the winning contestant in a print ad and gives them a $100,000 contract for the year). According to Dickinson, she was “conned” into thinking she was helping the franchise, and that “not any of the judges, not what Tyra says” has any influence on the decision.
But Dickinson isn’t the only one exposing ANTM‘s actual reality–flamboyant model-host Tyra Banks said on Sunday’s Dinner with the Kings TV special (via ONTD) that her persona on the show is “a character” that she completely created for television. She even claims that real-life Tyra is “passive aggressive” and that she’s currently being coached “to learn how to be more confrontational.” Wait, so does this mean that that time she yelled at (went totally berserk on) Tiffany during Cycle 4, it wasn’t because she actually loved her?? And did Tyra’s momma everreally yell at young Tyra, because she loved her? What is reality??!!


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  1. ANTM has been getting negative feedback for years. Although there are plenty discrepancies the show has aired for 14 seasons. I've been watching since college and coincidentally watched the Finale last night although not consistently throughout the season.

    What I do find annoying is the constant push for the girls to reveal their hardships, family abuse, and poverty in efforts to relate to the ANTM watchers. I've never looked at a Vogue mag and cared about a model's background. Tyra has a good niche in showing a previously "secret world" of modeling to the public but sometimes it can be overboard.