Friday, December 9, 2011

$1,575/Year For the New VOGUE ARCHIVE


Today Vogue announces the launch of the Vogue Archive ( The archive, digitized in full color, includes all pages of every issue of American Vogue from 1892 to the present, including covers and advertisements.

Featuring 400,000 Full-Color, digitized images of Vogue's covers, advertisments, features, fashion portfolios, and illustrations, in their original context.

The Vogue Archive provides an extraordinarily wide-ranging, in-depth, and high-caliber resource for design professionals, students, educators, researchers, and fashion enthusiasts. Access is available with an annual subscription through WGSN and select content will become available to Vogue magazine subscribers in 2012. The archive is also available in academic institutions and libraries through ProQuest, the leading provider of digital-research resources.span>

I believe this is Vogue US only. I'm not sure how many individuals are going to pay $1,575.00 per year for this. How much demand is there for this old stuff? Maybe if it was all Vogues, worldwide?

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