Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The 10 Best Fashion Stats from Style.com’s Year End Review

Photo: Style.com
Everyone loves a list, and year-end lists are the best of them all. In the crush of current news, there’s a tendency to forget all the ridiculous and amazing things that took place six weeks ago, let alone 11 months ago. Style.com has kicked off the year-end list extravaganza and set the bar really high for the rest of us list makers toiling away trying to remember what the heck happened in 2011.
Their list looks at 18 different events that happened this year, from the Dior/Galliano drama to the Royal Wedding. Wondering out how many buttons were on Kate Middleton’s gown? How many names have been tossed in the ring to replace Galliano at Dior?
Read on.

1) 15: Number of designers who have been considered for the Dior job. Will it be Haider? Alex Wang? Tom Ford? Galliano again? Style.com wonders if perhaps the job is jinxed. Hopefully 2012 will bring a resolution.
2) 36: Number of Lady Gaga covers worldwide. Hmm, somehow it seemed like many more than that.

3) 241,826: Number of likes for the Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society Facebook page. And no doubt growing at an alarming rate.
4) 1998: The year Elle Fanning was born. Who else feels ancient right now?
5) 11: Number of stores that had to re-order those Givenchy rottweiler tees, which were seen on everyone from Kanye West to Liv Tyler. Who knew that big, scary dog shirts would do so well?
6) 30,748: Number of frequent flier miles Carine Roitfeld racked up in 2011. She’ll probably double it in 2012.
7) $5,526: Price difference between a “real” Versace piece and a Versace for H&M piece. Well, unless you go on eBay. Then it’s considerably less.
8) 58: Number of gazar and organza buttons on the back of Kate Middleton‘s Sarah Burton-designed wedding gown. Which no doubt made it sort of tough for her and Prince William to have a wedding day quickie in the church basement.
9) 61: Number of shows Arizona Muse walked in during the Fall 2011 season. Wonder what her feet looked like afterwards.
10) 12: Number of actual designers who showed up for Kanye West’s “designer” debut. (Number of designers who went on the record saying they loved the collection? Um….)

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