Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Karlie Kloss is 18; Will She Wear Victoria’s Secret Angel Wings This Month?

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Karlie Kloss has been making quite a few semi-naked appearances these past few months, from her spread in Allure to the runways of Paris. Was it all an early audition for the Victoria’s Secret show? It looks like she may be a shoo-in to be the latest girl to don a huge pair of angel wings.
Modelinia sat in on a casting last week for the annual fantasy lingerie extravaganza and got some inside scoop from casting director John Pfeiffer about his picks for this year’s show. While the castings are important, he already has some girls in mind for the job.
Girls now need to be 18 to be considered for the show. Karolina Kurkova walked in the show in 2000 when she was only 16, but stricter age limits are now in place. Pfeiffer told Modelinia, “Bregje [Heinen] is finally 18 so we were really excited to see her. Karlie [Kloss] is also of age this year, so hopefully she’ll walk the show.” Girls had to walk in front of the panel wearing nothing but a plain black bikini, and while Kloss wasn’t at the casting on the day Modelinia observed, it sounds like she’s on the short list.
But for future Angels, nothing is guaranteed. “Just because a girl has walked before doesn’t mean she’ll walk again,” Pfieffer said. “Everything from their bodies to their overall look changes so we have to see them again and again.” Yikes. Lots of pressure. Lily Donaldson, who’s been out of commission with an injury, rightly pointed out, “I think anyone would and should be nervous when walking in front of people in a bathing suit, even if you know all the directors.”
The final list of girls should be available this week. 

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