Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rumor: Are Chanel Iman and Kanye West Dating?!?!

We’re not sure what to make of this just yet but according to reports making the rounds on the internet, Chanel Iman and Kanye West may be dating.
The two attended the Givenchy after-show party in Paris together and according to Media Takeout (whose headline says the couple are “official”) they were spotted “arm-in-arm,” whileLA Late claims, “West and Iman were embraced with his head on her shoulder.”
The two were also photographed together back in June at the CFDA Awards after-party and rumors about Chanel and Yeezy getting jiggie with it have actually been circulating since 2009, when the New York Postreported the two were seen “getting cozy.” Around that same time Chanel told New York that she and Kanye “text every once in a while.”
Rumors lost steam after nothing became “official,” but with these recent developments it seems that the duo are at least inviting speculation again, if nothing else. It could have something to do with the fact that Chanel only recently turned 20, leaving her teen years behind her and making the whole affair only slightly less creepy.
Whatever the case, Kanye obviously admires Chanel at least in the professional sense, as he tapped her to close his debut fashion show. And it would make sense that the two would hang out during the rest of Paris fashion week for promotional, rather than romantic, purposes–especially since Chanel was sporting one of West’s designs. And the plot thickens…

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