Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Rise of FASHION & Lessons Learned at Bergdorf Goodman

The Rise of Fashion and Lessons Learned at Bergdorf GoodmanDescription:
From lavish events attended by high-profile personalities such as Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, Jacqueline Onassis, and Yves Saint Laurent to the latest creative ventures of Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Michael Kors and Donald Trump, Ira Neimark, the legendary leader of fashion luxury retail, recounts how he and his talented fashion and merchandising team brought Bergdorf Goodman to its leadership position an approach, he shows, that continues to inform the most successful designers and business leaders today. While his personal anecdotes focus on how and why Bergdorf helped build the fashion industry during one of the most exciting periods in its history the late sixties through the early nineties the author also shares his views on how contemporary retailers have increased profits by skimping on service, resulting in the loss of customer loyalty. The Rise of Fashion and Lessons Learned at Bergdorf Goodman is a valuable resource for anyone who aspires to succeed in the business of luxury fashion.

About the Author
Ira-portraitIra Neimark is a legendary retail executive whose career spans several decades. As Chairman and CEO of Bergdorf Goodman he set records for the company over 17 years of his masterful leadership. During his tenure, he opened the largest luxury Men?s Store on Fifth Avenue. He also distinguished himself in top management/merchandising posts at Neiman Marcus Group, B. Altman, G. Fox, Gladdings, and Bonwit Teller.


WWD: In the book, you said leading Bergdorf’s was like living “la dolce vita.” Was it really like that?
Goodman-hankin-fox-neimarky1975Ira Neimark: It was very glamorous. You are involved with all these society people, but you have to rise to the occasion. I appreciated meeting people and recognizing talent, sharing their success with ours. You go to Europe three or four times a year and I flew on the Concorde. I enjoyed all the parties, particularly in Europe. However, every night after work, I left my briefcase at the door and spent as much time with my family as I could.

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