Friday, October 28, 2011

Beyoncé - Party ft. J. Cole


Of the three Beyoncé music videos that have come out this month, “Party” may be our favorite, sartorially (On all other fronts, however, it doesn’t match up to “Countdown“). As I've come to expect, there is a concept. Basically, the whole video takes place in a trailer park and the look of Beyoncé and her trailer park girlfriends is unmistakably trashy and over-the-top and we kind of like it. Tom Ford would probably love the excessive makeup and we were surprised to find that we genuinely like some of the clothes. The cut-out dresses, crop tops, Solange’s American flag shorts are all things you might see at, say, a Fourth of July party in Williamsburg. At the very least, they are fun to look at.
Maybe because, in a different context, a lot of designer clothes are actually a little trashy and over the top, just made with really expensive fabrics? In this video, we can identify pieces from Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte. However, the magenta American Apparel swimsuit, naturally I could have done without. What do you think of Bey’s trashy-chic look?


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