Saturday, September 10, 2011

Prabal Gurung, Fashion Designer

NYFashion Week has begun...YAY!!!! Let the fashions begin! i introduce you to Prabal Gurung!
Prabal works out five days a week, three with a trainer and two on his own or in a class at the Equinox gym in Soho. He’s been committed to this routine since giving up smoking three years ago. “Work is very demanding,” says Gurung. “I kind of want to be prepared.” He defines stress not as a sensation, rather an unexpected occurrence. It’s a thoughtful approach to a business that might unravel a less assured character. An example of Gurung’s take: When he was design director at Bill Blass and heard the house may be closing its doors, he didn’t lament the loss. He decided it would be the prompt to set out on his own. Around the same time, his friend, Tiina Laakonen, took him to lunch, sat him down and said, “I believe in you. Let me know if you need any help.” She’s now his stylist and the two remain close, often catching up during dinners at Indochine or Omen. Says Gurung, “She’s so insanely smart and generous.”
Gurung is himself generous having established a foundation in his native Nepal to educate and support twenty-three orphan and underprivileged women. His sister runs the organization there while working towards her graduate degree in English Literature (his brother works in Bollywood). “When you empower a woman, the whole family is empowered,” says Gurung. “They are the key to a better world. I firmly believe that.” He loves strong ladies like Oprah Winfrey, Indira Gandhi, Zadie Smith, TIlda Swinton and his dear friend Maggie Betts who has just released the documentary film The Carrier about the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV. “Point of view is interesting,” Gurung says shouting out other favorites such as Sally Singer and Laakonen. Odds are they value a designer with an opinion too.
              Prabal Gurung Resort 2012Prabal Gurung Resort 2012
                                              Prabal Gurung Resort 2012

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