“I’m loving the time as it goes by,” says Duro Oluwu having just arrived to rainy New York from London and settled in to his friends townhouse to enjoy working on his presentation. He lives part time in Harlem with his wife (the other part across the pond in Notting Hill), but come collection, he likes to be downtown. “New York is such a va va voom city,” he says. “You step out and there’s even more craziness.” Oluwu also loves the efficiency and organization of Manhattan. “For New Yorkers in particular, if you deliver and they love it, they get it,” he says. “I feel now it’s back to basics in a really beautiful way.” Oluwu styles his own collection, this season inspired by the Windrush boat of the late 40s and the women of Jacques Henri Lartigue. “Prim, but alluring,” is how he describes the looks, more sculpted then anything he’s ever shown before. If he wasn’t a designer, the one-time lawyer, says he might have opened a magazine shop like the one on Twelfth Street and Eighth Avenue in New York. Oluwu loves this city, even in the gloom of a downpour. “Whatever happens, this is a good time to be here,” he says. “When editors and writers are running around in weather like this, you really have to transport them.