Thursday, September 29, 2011

Carine Roitfeld to Launch Magazine; Clothing and Make-up Lines May Also Be In the Works

In news that makes me really, really happy: Carine Roitfeld is slated to launch her own magazine.

While Roitfeld stays mum on many of the details, the former Vogue Paris editrix said in an interview for Dazed & Confused that she hopes to start a “really iconic magazine that’s fresh and exciting.” The magazine will “be something less frequent than a month” and will be printed in English. “There is no value in it being in French,” she s
aid, “It needs to be international.”
According to ELLERoitfeld isn’t the only big-name fashion industry player involved: Marie-Amelie Sauve, Mario Testino and Stephen Gan–aka “the dream team”–will also play a role in the as-yet-unnamed publication, set to debut next September 2012 (according to an interview she gave to L’Express). No doubt, with so many talented people involved, the magazine is sure to be a huge success.
And, bringing our dreams of looking and dressing like Carine that much closer to a reality, Roitfeld also told Dazed that she is “in talks” about doing a clothing and cosmetic line. “There is a brand that loves my look and wants me to put my name to a line,” she said.
Everybody cross your fingers and toes–we really hope this happens!

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