Friday, September 23, 2011

Boys Win Makeup Contests at Both Nars and MAC

It’s no secret that guys have been raiding our closets, from Kanye famously wearing Céline to boy models like Andrej Pejic sporting womenswear on top runways. Now they’re after our makeup, too.
Guyliner obviously has a long history among musicians and hipsters (and drag queens), but huge cosmetics brands are making it acceptable–or at least supporting the concept–that boys can sport a full face of makeup. And we don’t mean like Marilyn Manson–we mean like a smoky eye and orgasm cheeks.
Nars sponsored a contest called “Makeup Your Mind,” based on Francois Nars‘ recent book of the same name. The company asked people to replicate looks from the book and post them on the site. People could then vote for their favorite. The winner? Kale Teter, from Panhandle, Texas, who replicated all 12 looks (that’s him in look #7, at left). He won a whole bunch of makeup and gets to come to New York fashion week to follow the Nars team around.

MAC ran a contest a few months ago called “MAC Me Over,” which was a casting call for “regular” people to star in a new campaign. The winners were five females and one male. The guy, named Ian, seemed rather surprised that he won (on this adorable video), seeing as how his usual routine is moisturizer and that’s it. MAC has a philosophy of embracing all ages and genders, and it’s putting its money where its mouth is by featuring Ian (at right), who now has his own really lovely neutral MACcollection.
So are we going to start seeing guys with dramatic purple eyes popping up in middle America soon?

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