Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Tents

Trailer #1

What prompted you to make this film?
I had been in ad sales forever, with Fairchild and Harper’s Bazaar and such—I had seen the business side of the fashion and magazine industry for a really long time. When Bryant Park was coming to a close, I had already aligned myself with Marcus K. Jones, who was the fashion cinematographer for the project. After I met him, we started our first movie project and by January 2010, I had already thrown myself into this project. We started filming the second to last season at Bryant Park, while I was still at Harper’s Bazaar. We are a four-person operation—most interviews were shot on the red. It wasn’t secret by any means, but we didn’t really put the project out there until very recently.
You screened the movie recently in New York. What was the response to that and what do you hope comes next?
It was fabulous, beyond my wildest expectations. You don’t really know how you are doing until you show it to people, in this case about 200 [people]. We are pushing to show it at Lincoln Center during this September during New York fashion week; it would be quite fitting.

Trailer #2

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