Friday, July 22, 2011

Beyoncé - Year of 4 Album Fashions

The couture creations were fashioned by 36-year-old 
Jan Taminiau, a lesser know yet still spectacularly skilled Dutch designer, tapped by Beyonce’s stylists Jenke-Ahmed Tailly and Ty Hunter.
For her 4 album, Beyonce’s spectacular styling team mixed known designers with underground faces like Leah Rae, the FIT student who designed Beyonce’s lemon yellow ruffle adorned halter dress…

…young French designer Julien Fournié, who created Bey’s short shorts…

…and couture master Alexandre Vauthier, who was the creative mind behind the crystal speckled fox fur stole she wore on the cover:

Tailly, who styled Beyonce for her controversial L’Officiel shoot, said, “It was important to Beyoncé that the choice of clothing not be about the brand but about the quality of the work. Each song really has a different personality so we decided to do the cover like an editorial for a magazine, with each song having its own style.” 

From working with the largely unknown Tofo Tofo dancers to wearing creations from smaller designers, Beyonce used her celebrity to help others make a name for themselves. Very cool.

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If you haven’t seen the mini documentary on the making of 4, watch it below:

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