Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Video: Sneak Peek of Season Four of The (Bradless, Taylorless) Rachel Zoe Project

Season Four of The Rachel Zoe Project is less than two months away! Ever sincelast season‘s will she or won’t she have a baby cliff-hanger (and the public resolution), we have been waiting with baited breath to go through another season of life-changing ups and downs with the super stylist. It looks like just about every issue we hoped would be addressed this season will be, including but not limited to the baby, Brad’s departure, the launch of her clothing line and, of course, the Oscars.
We learn that Brad has been replaced by someone named Jeremiah Brent, who has cool hair and dresses cute and says the exact same kinds of things Brad did like “I’m frantic” and “I wanna have a purpose,” followed by a scene with Roger that kinda looks like he’s getting fired. Also, everyone is worried about Rachel’s baby because she’s working too hard, or inhaling too many chemicals. “You’re killing my baby stop!” Roger says to a hair stylist spraying hairspray. Then come the most “major” Oscars Rachel has ever had–styling 10 looks for co-host Anne Hathaway. Then, there’s the press reporting on Rachel’s alleged feud with Brad. So much stress! And finally, Rachel’s probably crippling anxiety over giving actual birth to little Skyler Morrison. “Are you gonna let it come out of your vag?” asks Joey the sassy hair stylist. “I’d like for him to just appear.”


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