Friday, June 24, 2011

Naomi Campbell Fiorucci Collaboration Shirts

The Naomi Campbell for Fiorucci Collection will include 15 denim pieces and 6 shirts pictured above of Naomi Campbell’s i-D Magazine covers.
How did the idea of the Naomi Campbell Fiorucci capsule collection come about?When Fiorucci called me, I felt really flattered – it’s a brand that’s so iconic that I thought it’d be a great opportunity. And it was. I was only a bit worried about the time but we did our best and got everything done in a hurry.
Jeans are the heart of the collection. Do you wear them in your free time?Absolutely. I’ve got so many pairs: jeans are perfect for travelling – you can wear them with a pair of trainers or flip-flops if you want comfort or heels if you want to look sexy. Jeans are like pasta – basic, but you can interpret them differently each time and play with the accessories.
What inspired you when you were creating this mini-collection?I thought about what would enhance women. I’ve a lot of jeans, as I’ve said, but it’s difficult to find ones that fit perfectly, so I always wear the same ones. For the capsule collection, I thought about what I liked and what I didn’t like. So no low pockets – it’s better to have them higher so they have almost a push-up effect. And then there are washes, which are very special.

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