Friday, June 17, 2011

Helmut Newton Polaroids Exhibition Berlin

You could say even the greatest artists aren’t perfect. But occasionally imperfection can produce some of the most interesting and inspiring works of art. Take the Helmut Newton Polaroids exhibition showing in Berlin from June 10. The exhibition features 300 of the iconic photographers ‘imperfect’ images. From the 1970s onwards, Newton used Polaroid technology to satisfy his impatient urge to see what his shots would look like before they were printed. First releasing Pola Woman, a book of these unconventional pictures in 1992, Newton shrugged off claims the Polaroids were not perfect enough to be published as art: “but that was exactly what was exciting – the spontaneity, the speed.”  A collection of over 300 Polaroids from the legendary photographer, being shown at the Museum of Photography.   I think Newton’s ‘imperfect’ Polaroids are actually quite a Treat!

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