Monday, May 9, 2011

Pippa Middleton’s Dress Is the First Bridesmaid Dress That Anyone Ever Wanted to Knock Off

Being a bridesmaid is a rather thankless task that normally requires you to wear an unflattering dress that will never see the light of day again. But Pippa Middleton has singlehandedly raised the bar for bridesmaid fashion. (It also helps that she has a body built for sin and could probably make the dowdiest thing in existence look fabulous.)
The New York Times‘ Stephanie Clifford is reporting that Pippa’s Sarah Burton for McQueen dress is the first famous bridesmaid dress that fast fashion bridal manufacturers are trying to get into production as fast as the bride’s. So not only are they trying to make TWO princess wedding gowns, they’re also scrambling to churn out a slinky bridesmaid’s number. And in this era of immediate gratification, manufacturers need to get the gowns to market in about 12 weeks to satisfy the demand for all three gowns.

What’s sort of ironic is that, as some have pointed out, Pippa’s dress was inspired by a McQueen gown that Cameron Diaz wore to the 2010 Golden Globes. It’s just like what Meryl Streep’s character said in The Devil Wears Prada about the ugly blue sweater. What started as a high fashion gown on an A-list celebrity will end up on someone’s cousin in Iowa.


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