Monday, May 9, 2011

In the day of an Up & Coming Photographer....

Once in a while I would like to profile up & coming Creatives! be it a stylis, photograpgher model, jewelry maker etc... as a platform to show their work!

Today I present to you- in the day of an up & coming Photographer
Ricardo Andre
Boxer turned Photographer- Ricardo Andre
Born and raise in Port au Prince, Haiti and he moved to France at an early age. Now a New Yorker, his goal is to have his work featured in Vogue magazine and to continue to hone my craft and enjoy capturing life on film. check out his Q&A and some of his work- 

What initially interested you into photography?
I am a lover of the expression of art! Although initially felt by paintings and jazz, to me, photographs capture these expressions like no other art form can. Being from a magical and beautiful place like Haiti inspired my desire to learn and perfect photography.
Which photographer do you look up to and why?
I love the work of Antonio Gabriel, my mentor and good friend, Bruce Weber and Steven Miesell. These photographers raise the bar and push the envelope. Their work is creative and edgy. When viewing their work, it is akin to witnessing the creation of art itse

lf. Now everybody has a digital camera do you notice less work coming your way as people now think they can do it themselves?
As technology continues to improve, more layman take extraordinary pictures. While this does not make them a photographer, it  does push photographers to be more professional, creative and hold true to the tenets of photography, while at the same time being trendsetters.  Although imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Ricardo Andre can never be replaced!
What genre of photography do you dislike the most and why?
In all art, we need to respect the art and the artist. I can not say that I don't like any one form of photography because the photographs are birthed from the passion of the artist and the lens through which his eyes, mind and soul perceives.


What would you say is more important Good Knowledge/Good Equipment?
Knowledge of ones craft is everything!  The life cycle of technology naturally evolves, but the passion within the photographer is what creates the art; the technology is merely the medium!

What do you use as inspiration?
Natural beauty is my inspiration and my passion is to do so through the lense of a camera. I want people to feel the love that I feel and see the beauty that I see.

Would you say photography is a hard line of work to get into?
To excel at any career takes hard work and perseverance. Photography is no different. The passion always drives the artist to that level of excellence. So, to use an old cliché: you get out of it what you put into it.

to learn more about Ricardo and book him for  please check out facebook RIcardo Andre Photograpghy


  1. Ric is a very motivated person!! Can't deny the talent!! Much Success!!!

  2. I recently connected with Ricardo via Facebook. He is a fabulous talent! Wishing him continued success always.