Monday, May 9, 2011

119 Years of Vogue, Now Available on ‘Voguepedia’

Recent development: While yesterday for their weekly ‘Most Wanted’ column, we stumbled upon an unassuming link to something called ‘
Voguepedia.’ And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like–an encyclopedia of all things Vogue.
Vogue spokesperson confirmed that the mag’s ASME nominated site has soft-launched a resource tool, which will draw from its 119 years of archives. While the site isn’t fully functional yet (code still shows in search results and only certain search terms yield results), it’s a brilliant idea, particularly for fashion obsessives and design students cramming for all-nighters. You’ll also be able to search by designer, brand, model, personality and beauty.
Voguepedia may be in its infancy but it seems that Ms. Wintour’s taste for perfection has lent a helping hand once more.


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