Friday, April 15, 2011

John Galliano sacked from his eponymous label

Things go from bad to worse for John Galliano after he is ousted by the board of his namesake label. If John Galliano was thinking things couldn't get any worse this year, he was wrong.

The John Galliano label, founded in 1993, is 91% owned by Christian Dior SA - the label from which Galliano was fired in early March. According to reports, the company's board recently met and decided that the British designer was surplus to requirements.
It is believed that the in-house design team at John Galliano, who are currently working on a pre-spring collection, will assume responsibility for designing future collections.

Meanwhile Christian Dior SA is weighing up the long-term future of the label. It is understood they have received unsolicited third-party interest in the business, although state that the sale of the company is not a priority.
Galliano, 50, was sacked as Creative Director of Christian Dior on March 1 following anti-Semitic allegations made against him.

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